Seven Halloween Costumes for Lazy People


I know that it’s no where close to Halloween yet, but I was having dinner a couple of nights ago and just thought of all of these random, stupid, and easy costumes. Some of them are actually pretty clever, so I thought that these ideas might help some of the procrastinators out there. 😀

1. Wear black pants, a white shirt, and a black hat. Then, you’re an Oreo! Nom nom nom…

2. Get a bunch of name tags and write different names on them. Stick them all over yourself, and then you’re an identity theft!

3. Wear athletic clothes and sneakers, draw a rainbow on your face, and badda bing, badda boom, you’re Rainbow Dash! (From My Little Ponies. 😜)

4. Find an old hat, stick a light bulb in it, and then you’re a genius. (Yeah, that ones pretty stupid.)

5. Find a friend (who’s either lazy or a procrastinator,) and get two pieces of paper and write “salt” and “pepper” on them. Tape them around your neck, and then you’re a salt and pepper shaker. 

6. Tie a dictionary around your neck, and write fancy words all over your face in eye liner. Then you’re a walking dictionary! 

7. Wear what you would wear on a regular day, and then you instantly become a famous celebrity! When someone asks you who you’re supposed to be, say, “Don’t you know? I’m that famous celebrity, (your name.”)

I’m really feeling in the fall mood lately: fall fashion, fall drinks, and fall DIYs. Here are some pictures that I found on the internet that represent what I love most about fall:

What are you going to be for Halloween?

Back to School Haul

Hello, everyone! Has anybody started school yet? I haven’t, but I start on Monday. 😢 I saw a couple other people doing school supplies hauls, and I thought it looked like a fun idea! 

First I got this cute pencil case and these cute pencils. The pencil case was from Walgreen’s, and the pencils were from Target. Of course these aren’t the only pencils that I got, but they were my favorite. 

These are the notebooks that I got. I needed one of them to be a journal, and another to be three subjects. The only ones they had were plain white ones, so I decorated it with washi tape and a deal. 

Next up is this folder that I also got at Walgreen’s. It’s clipped into a plain pink binder. 

This is another folder that I had to get. This one is my favorite. It’s clipped into a plain blue binder. 

Last but not least is this Random hodge-podge of stuff. I have a portfolio, a sheet of food stickers, three  highlighters,and sticky notes. 

I hope that you guys enjoyed my school haul! Oh, I almost forgot! I have some updtaes:

-I’M GETTING POINTED SHOES! I just found out a couple days ago, and I’m soooo excited! I’ve been working all summer to get them!

– I’ve started taking field hockey lessons. It’s really fun, and I hope that I’m able to keep doing it! 

– I made cream puffs!! They tasted so good! 

Good luck 📎✂️📚📓✏️,

How Did This Happen?!?!?!?!?!

Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe this!!!!!!!!

How in the world did this happen?????????

I have 100 Followers!!!!!!

Guys, thank you sooooo much! This is amazing, I never thought that I would make it this far!  All of you have been so amazing and supportive, I can’t thank you enough!

I’m going to share some of my stats today.

The top three commenters are:

Grace (48)

Rutvi (46)

Megan (44)

The page/post with the most comments is Graphic Design Request.

I’ve had viewers from United Kingdom, Canada, Austarlia, Italy, Malaysia, New Zealand, India, Eygypt, Russia, Germany, Jamaica, Romania, European Union, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Dominician Republic, Puerto Rico, Greece, Oman, Czech Republic, Poland, Brazil, Slovenia, and Bulgria.   Kudos to you if you read all of that! 😜

I know that I should probably do something to celebrate, but I’m not sure what to do yet.  Just to keep this post from being picture less, I’ll add some random photography that I took at the beach.





(This is a picture of an up coming DIY.)

Well that’s it for me today! Once again, thank you sooo much! I hope to keep blogging for a long time and can’t wait to see how this blog grows.

Signing off,

DIY Contest Winners!

Hello, Lovelies!  I’m sorry that I posted this a day late.  (As you have clearly seen in the past, posting things on time aren’t really my strong spot. :D)  So, let’s see who won!

And the winners are…


Train of Thought with the idea of a DIY bookmark, and FarahEdz with her idea of weird DIY school supplies!  Congrats to both, and go check out their blogs. (They’re awesome! :D)

Here are the DIYs that I’m going to make:





I’m really excited to make these, I post a tutorial soon!


DIY Contest! 

Hello, lovelies! (Get it… Because my blog name is the blog of all things lovely? 😜) Well anyways, I haven’t doing many DIYs lately because I don’t know what to do! So, I came up with this contests where you guys comment DIYs that you think I should do! The only rules are that it has to be relatively easy, which just means that it can’t be super hard, like woodworking. On August 22, I will pick two winners and will do their DIYs. Good luck!

School Supplies From Target

Hello! I’ve realized that Target has really been upping their quality lately, especially the dollar section! Today I’ll  be sharing some cute school supplies found for only a dollar!

The thing I bought were these rolls of washi tape! I was so happy when I found these because I love washi tape and its my favorite craft item. They came in packs of three, one pack was ombré, and other was nautical themed (I think). I can’t believe they were only for a dollar. 

Next up I found this jar of pushpins. I love the colors, and they came in this cute little jar! What’s better than cute packaging? I currently don’t have a push pins that I’m not using right now, so these were a good find. 

In addition, I bought these pink paperclips! The jar actually came with a lot more in it, but I emptied then into a bowl. They have the same cute packaging as pushpins, and are very helpful. 😊

Last but not least these gift tags! They are chalkboards glued onto burlap, which is nice because you can reuse them. I think that I’ll use them to put on my Coffee lotion when I give it as a present.  

Have you ever found any good things from the dollar section?

13 DIYs to Make Your Room Look Awesome!

More  DIYs have arrived! 

Hello fellow bloggers! Today I have prepared 13 DIYs for your bedroom that will make it look amazing! So, let’s get started! 

The first DIY is very simple. All you have to do is get a mason jar and pop out the top, leaving just the metal ring it. Then fill it with desk supplies such as sharpies, washi tape, pens, and pencils!

For the next DIY, cutout a square piece of card stock. Washi tape the border and with a colored sharpie, write a quote on it. These look really cute when you make a lot and hang them on your cork board. 

Or for an easier version of the previous DIY, you can just write a quote on a sticky note and washi tape it onto your cork board. 

Now onto these cute little pinwheels! First get a piece of decorative paper and cut four slits on the corners. Then, fold them into the center and glue them down. For the final touch, add a button or sticker in the middle and glue a skewer onto the back. These look super cute in a mini pot, which you can find at target. 

This next craft is very helpful and looks cute when you display it. Find an empty toilet paper roll and put as many washi tapes on as you want. Next, roll up your phone charger and slide it in. Now you have a place to hold your charger!

I found this DIY on Pinterest, its called a zen rock. Find a small flat stone, and then draw swirly patterns with a gold marker. I know, my instructions are the greatest. 😀

This DIY is my favorite! First get a mason jar, and then stuff it with small twinkle lights. Then, tie twine around the top. This DIY is so simple, but it looks great!

I honestly don’t even think that I can count this as a DIY.  All you have to is buy some twinkle lights and hang them above your bed. 

Do you want to make your boring old alarm clock fun? Well, just washi tape the snooze button and your clock is cuter already!

I find this next craft very helpful because I always have so many books just sitting in piles on my side table. It looks pretty sloppy sometimes . To solve this problem, I bought a cardboard caddy from target and painted it . Then, I washi taped the inside borders . I put this on my side table and added in my books,  bookmarks, and stationary . 

For this craft, washi tape your light  switch! That’s all I have to say . 😬

For the final DIY, paint five Clothespins ombre . Next, write the day of the week in gold marker . Finally, put them onto a piece of twine and then hang it up using putty . I covered it up using washi tape. 

I hope that you enjoyed these DIYs! Comment you did any. 

Stay lovely, 

DIY Coffee Lotion

Hello, readers! Its time for the first DIY post! I hope that you enjoy. 

When I was on my vacation, I saw coffee scented lotion at a store, but it was way too much money! I was confident that I could make something almost exactly like it, but cheaper.  So after a bit of experimenting, I came up with a recipe that actually worked! 

You will need:

  1. Coconut oil
  2. Instant coffee 
  3. Bowl
  4. Measuring cups
  5. Small Mason Jars

Step 1: Add half a cup of coconut oil into the bowl and stir until it’s smooth. 

Step 2: Brew a small cup of the instant coffee and pour a tablespoon into the coconut oil. 

Step 3:  Stir the mixture and then add a small pinch of instant coffee (unbrewed,) and stir it in. It’s not supposed to dissolve. 

Step 4: Spoon it into your small mason jar and set it in the refrigerator for an hour. If you take it out and it feels solid, you’re done! 

To use it, put only a small bit on. Rub it in, and if it’s too greasy, wash it off. But don’t worry, it will still work!

You can also decorate your jar by tying twine, raffia, or ribbon around the top. 

Here’s  how my lotion turned out:

Isn’t it cute? These would make a great present for someone. 

Happy DIY-ing, 

P.S. How do you like my temporary  sign off? 

Don’t Worry, I’m Not Dead!

Yay, I’m back from my unexpected hiatus!!
Let me just start out by saying that I am so sorry for not posting so long! For awhile I had no idea of what to post. (Even though that’s no excuse.)😜

I just got back from vacation! I will post pictures soon. 

The first DIY is coming very soon, so stay tuned!

And just to keep this post interesting, I’ll show a picture of a sundae my family and I shared on my vacation. 

It was half a gallon of ice cream, and was piled with every topping underneath the mounds of whipped cream. I thought it was disgusting!

Enough with my rambling, I have to go take pictures for the DIY post!

Stay cool,


Camp Canceled!

Hello! Some of you may have noticed that I have not posted the next few days of camp. Well, I’ve seen a lot of other blogs that are doing it, and I didn’t really want to post doll things every day. So, camp will be canceled. On the plus side, the DIY series will start tomorrow! I have been crafting a ton, and I’m really excited! (Don’t worry, I will not quit this!) 

Till next time,